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Welcome to Victory Lutheran College


Welcome to Victory Lutheran College. We at Victory believe education is more than just academic excellence. We believe that real and academically rigorous education develops students into confident, resilient adults with the skills and personal competencies that prepare them for life after school. It encourages strength of character, builds self reliance and challenges them to strive for their own personal best. We believe it is about engaging the minds of tomorrow's leaders today.

Specifically we aim to:

  • Provide a balanced and rigorous approach to education that encourages spiritual, social, physical emotional, and academic growth; 
  • Challenge students to achieve their personal best and become active and informed citizens;
  • Develop independent and critical thinkers;
  • Provide experiences that encourage curiosity and promote a love of learning;
  • Encourage participation and celebrate achievement;
  • Expand our focus to develop global understandings as well as local and national ones.
  • Provide for tailored education so as to target the individual learning needs of each student.
  • Complete thorough assessment that encourages, supports and empowers students.
  • Actively embrace technology to present the learning in engaging ways.


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